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Data/AVCC Products

ADR Sabre

ADR Sabre - The Peek ADR Sabre is the new high performance portable vehicle counter/classifier. SABRE provides unmatched versatility and accuracy for a wide range of highly effective vehicular traffic studies. This unique data recorder includes enhanced features such as 16MB of permanent memory plus up to 4GB of optional memory. Low energy consumption allows field use for months. Includes a USB Interface for simple and high speed data transfer. (Click here for details)

ADR-3000 Rack-Mounted Traffic Counter/Classifier - The Peek ADR-3000 Plus provides optimal functionality as a permanent site unit. It contains a CPU module and is extremely configurable. The ADR-3000 Plus can be configured to count up to 64 lanes, or classify up to 32 lanes of traffic, including up to 24 WIM sensor inputs. (Click here for details)

StopWatch+ StopWatch+ was developed to meet the need for real time data using existing data collection hardware. It is a simple software add-on to the already advanced and proven ADR. With StopWatch+ the ADR continues to collect historical data for planning and funding purposes while simultaneously reporting current traffic data to traffic centers and websites. Data is provided in a simple format for import into existing systems or software to monitor traffic events and occurrences.

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ADR-2000 Plus Portable Counter/Classifier - The Peek ADR-2000 Plus provides optimal functionality as a portable or semi-permanent unit. In its basic configuration as a counter/classifier, 2 or 4 road tubes are available. Available data types include per vehicle records, per lane data, binned vehicle classification by axle, speed, length, gap, headway or combinations of the above. (Click here for details) ADR-WIM Weigh-in-Motion Module for Peek ADRs - Weigh-In-Motion, a technology first perfected by an ancestor firm of Peek Traffic . . . Streeter Amet created weigh-in-motion technology in the early 20th century, in order to weigh railroad cars as they moved over a piezo sensor on the track. The benefits of weigh-in-motion have long since been converted for use in measuring commercial vehicle traffic on our highways. The ADR-WIM module brings weigh-in-motion capabilities to the Peek ADR line of products. (Click here for details)

625X Detector - The Model 625X inductive loop detector from Peek Traffic Corporation is designed with the latest technology for the parking and access control markets.

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Viper Software - Viper is a service-based software platform that is meant to automate data retrieval, automatically process data to common data formats, support modern communication protocols, archive data per user definitions, and more.

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TOPS - The TOPS software is the primary PC-based data processing tool for the ADR Plus product line. It's main role is to allow a central computer to retrieve data files from an ADR-1000 Plus, ADR-2000 Plus, or ADR-3000 Plus, whether they are ASCII text-based PVR count records, or the more intricate binary binned-classification BIN data files.

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Streetlink - Street-Link is a valuable tool for the field technician
setting up a temporary traffic study. With an intuitive
user interface, the handheld Street-Link provides key
diagnostics on the operation of Peek traffic data
recording equipment. It also offers the ability to
download GPS location and time, simply and quickly,
with “single pushbutton” ease. Click here for details


SD Card Module - The Peek ADR-2000 SD/RS232 Module is designed to fit into Peek’s ADR-2000 Plus automatic data recorders, providing a new way to store, retrieve and transport traffic data. It allows an ADR data recorder operator to use standard SD (‘secure digital’) or SDHC (‘secure digital – high capacity’) memory cards. The ADR-2000 SD/RS232 Module can use either SD or SDHC cards with the logo shown in. The drive is able to access up to 4GB of storage space on any size SDHC card.


LPM-33-E Low Power Cabinet Modem - A modem designed specifically for the traffic and data collection industries, featuring hardened electronics that are capable of surviving for long durations in the harsh environments of a roadside traffic cabinet. The Low Power design makes it perfect for use with ADR data recorders. (Click here for details)

ADR PULSAR - If you need road tube based traffic studies that are cost
effective, simple to perform and provide highly accurate results,
the Peek Pulsar is your solution.
The Pulsar stores traffic data as time-stamped “events” in a
state-of-the-art, rugged, small and lightweight electronic
module. Pulsar Reporter software uses the data collected by
the Pulsar to produce a variety of traffic studies including
volume, axle based classification and speed. (Click here for details)



JR RT - The ADR JR/RT traffic counter is a portable, self-contained, battery-operated vehicle counter consisting of a solid state air switch with a 16 x 2 character LCD display.

Click here to view the Datasheet.

JR 161 - The world's most popular rugged, portable traffic counter, the JR-161 Portable Loop Traffic Counter, originally a Streeter-Amet design, is a simple, low cost, inductive loop vehicle counter with a six digit electromechanical counter that can be read without the need to open the lid.

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ADR-1000 Plus Portable Traffic Counter/Classifier

End of Life (01/01/2018)

The Peek ADR-1000 Plus provides ease of use and optimal functionality as a portable counter/classifier. Optional internal sensor modules allow the ADR-1000 Plus to monitor inputs using loops, piezos or contact closures. A removable PCMCIA memory card is also available to further extend storage capability. The type, configuration and format of data to be collected can be custom programmed or selected from menu driven choices.
(Click here for details)

ADR-6000 Traffic Counter/Classifier - The ADR6000 is the only counter/classifier on the market specifically designed to accurately count/classify vehicles stopped on/over presence detectors for long periods of time (minutes). With a patented array, the ADR6000 will provide data accuracy rates of >95% under difficult traffic conditions, such as tailgating, lane changing, straddling, and congestion (Click here for details)

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